Misadventures of a Happy Heart: A Memoir of Life Beyond Disability


By Author Amy F. Quincy


Winner of the 2017 Island Book Award
Amelia Island Book Festival

2017 Third Place Royal Palm Literary Award in Memoir
Florida Writers Association

2017 Bronze Medalist for Autobiography and Memoir

Florida Authors & Publishers Association

FAPA Book Awards Bronze Decal
 “The gripping story that Amy Quincy tells in this memoir is the singular tragedy of a brain hemorrhage at the age of 36, and how she, the author, continued living thereafter.  While her challenge deals with trauma, the end of a life of freedom and the commencement of a life restricted in ways that most people will never experience, Quincy is one of those virtuosos of spirit and talent who makes her chosen pursuit of writing brilliantly look easy.  The title of this memoir foreshadows Quincy’s amazing spirit.  Each piece of the narrative proves her tenacity and grace in execution.  By her own admission, the brain hemorrhage left Quincy with poor eyesight, the use of only one hand and ataxia, a movement disorder caused by a problem in the brain.  Despite these handicaps — and because of them — Quincy’s delightful, cheerful and emphatically humorous voice grants the reader a perspective that can only be called uplifting.  Quincy relates problems with divorced parents (which one should be her caretaker, for instance), dealings with other disabled people, weight issues, basic movement, travel and getting through medical exams on her own.   Although she acknowledges the great difficulties she faces. Quincy’s writing feels effortlessly funny and positive.  Misadventures of a Happy Heart is the best kind of memoir: inspirational entertainment and a challenge to the reader to try and beat her in finding achievement in what we once took for granted. The cover artwork reflects the author’s joyful spirit.  No one who reads this will come away untouched!.”
Judges Commentary – Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards
 Available at The BookMark, Neptune Beach, FL or Chamblin’s, Jacksonville, FL

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