Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone.  The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials.  ~Lin Yutang

I have no idea who Lin Yutang is (or was,) but he’s a wise man (or woman.)  You see, I created a lot of pressure for myself in trying to write both for my blog and my book. I haven’t figured out how to do both.  When I’m concentrating on one, the other suffers.  So last week, when the juices started flowing for the book, (which I confess, they haven’t done in some time,) I wondered how on earth I would get it all done.

Then my friend (and fellow writer,) Mary, suggested I focus on the book and forget the blog.  At first my inner type A was indignant.  It scoffed at the idea.  And then I thought, yes.  Why not?  Will I get scads of angry e-mails from hundreds of disappointed readers?  I don’t flatter myself that there are that many.  Besides, the purpose of the blog is to familiarize people with my writing so they will buy my book.  So, I finished another memoir chapter and I’m writing this in the final hour.

So much of our stress is self-induced.  Feeling short on time?  Do you really have to make that yoga class a third time this week?  If it’s stressing you out just to get there, you’re kind of defeating the purpose.  Will you or your family have to go naked if you skip the laundry this weekend?  Throw in a load of socks and underwear and be done with it.  Let it go.  You may find, like me, that once you let yourself off the hook, things are much easier to accomplish.  Sometimes it’s not the items themselves on the list that cause the tension, just the fact that there’s a list in the first place.  I’ll try to remember that next week.