… bubble baths.  In winter, slipping into water so hot it stings your toes.

… cooking dinner.  With a glass of wine in one hand, tasting sauce with the other.

…walking the beach.  My toes sinking into the sand, the waves lapping at my legs.

… dancing.  At a club, with girlfriends, knowing some cute guy is watching.

… drive-thru’s.  Eating a taco at midnight because the mood strikes.

… high heels.  A pair of strappy, too-high-to-be-practical, great-looking shoes.

… singing.  Along with the radio, thinking I don’t sound half bad.

Please don’t feel sorry for me.  I never dwell on this stuff, except for the purposes of writing.  Missing something won’t make it so — so what’s the point?  Pity isn’t the intention of this post, gratitude is.  Be grateful for the little everyday joys in your life.  The simple pleasures.  Maybe you can’t feel your toes in the sand either, but you can do something else on my list.  The point is to find and take your blessings where you can.  As for me?  I’ve already watched a gull dipping in and out of the surf this morning.  And twice yesterday.  Last week, I saw dolphins rolling by.  How many of you can say that?  Remember, it’s the little things.