beddhaMy mother has accused me of not practicing what I preach.

Two Sundays ago, when my post on meditating came out, I rolled into the kitchen all sleepy-eyed and looking for coffee at eight a.m. and she asked, “Did you meditate this morning?” knowing full well I hadn’t.

When I think about it, there are lots of things I’ve stressed the importance of doing that I don’t necessarily do on a regular basis. In fact sometimes, I’m just laying around on the couch, not exercising, eating right or being positive, but watching lots of bad TV and languishing in resentment. Then, right before I succumbed to feeling like a total fraud, my friend Rhonda said something I hold on to. She said it was enough to inspire others to meditate and that I would succeed in developing my practice when I was ready. How very Buddhist of her, no?

So Rhonda and I began texting each other as encouragement to try and complete 10 days straight of meditation. Another friend commented on the original post that anything done for two years straight becomes a lifetime habit. Two years?!  What happened to 30 days? 30 days seems possible, but two years is completely unrealistic. And I’m not even trying for 30 until I can master 10. So far, Rhonda and I have been texting back and forth a lot of 2/10’s. Until a few days ago, I got a 4/10 text from her. For all I know she’s almost there. Meanwhile, I’ve stalled out altogether. But even with my half-hearted attempts, I’ve been meditating two to three times a week during the holidays. Not bad, right? A for effort.

The point is, you can always begin again. Another friend observed, trying to meditate during the holidays is like trying to diet — you’re fighting a losing battle. Maybe. But who knows? Maybe I’ve managed to take a little stress out of the equation this month, too. And I’m that much closer to keeping those New Year’s resolutions when the time comes. And, perhaps most satisfying, I’m more likely to be able to say I’ve meditated when questioned by my mother. Although, meditating for spite is probably defeating the purpose. So, don’t feel you have to wait till the beginning of the year, first of the month, or a Monday. Start now. You can always start over.