unnamed (3)Today I’d like to take a time out from vacation mode. The ocean isn’t beautiful or relaxing today. Today it is lonely. And sad. Because today the little one-eyed pug fell in the pool and drowned.

Her name was Winnie. I got that wrong. See? I didn’t even know her long enough to get her name right and yet I feel so sad. Dogs. It’s amazing how quickly they can get under your skin and into your heart.

But really, I’m sad for Jeff. And Sonya. And another friend of mine back home who I know lost his dear dog since I’ve been here. And I know his heart is breaking.

If there is a lesson to be taken here, it seems to be the one that recurs most often for me – life is fleeting and precious and can change in an instant. My heart goes out to anyone going through a loss of any kind.

So if you have them, hold your furry friends close tonight and give thanks for them. And Mom, I forgot to say it earlier, give Frankie an extra hug for me and tell him I love him.