A friend of mine posted something on Facebook that caused me to reflect on 2017. This post said, “There are years that ask questions and years that give answers. Which was 2017 for you?”

I think politically speaking, I can safely speak for over half the nation when I say one of the year’s first questions was something like ‘WTF?’ After that, there is some variance. For me personally, the questions continued. ‘What’s next?‘ and ‘Now what?’ have been scattered throughout the year in relation to my writing. I’ve received plenty of ‘Whens?’ about the start of my next book. And I’ve ended the year with lots of ‘Whys?’ after my mom’s fall, i.e. ‘Why do we seem destined to live together, taking care of each other?’ and selfishly a little bit of ‘Why me?’

And since I have absolutely no answers, I can only assume that 2018 will be chock full of them. In terms of our politics, I have high hopes. I think generations of voters (myself included) needed a wake up┬ácall. A reminder to stay involved, active and informed. These things don’t just take care of themselves. Our way of life is not to be taken for granted.

I have an inkling that answer applies to my mom too. Something about change and not taking each other for granted. You see, it’s not all worked out yet. I’m in the thick of it and the ideas are still germinating.

Which brings me to the last of my questions, ‘What’s next?’ And I’ve decided I need to work out that answer unfettered by the responsibility of keeping up the same old blog. And since I like neat, wrapped up endings, I’ve also decided that the end of the year is the perfect time to close things and say goodbye. I will be writing. I think I identify too much as a writer to ever go too long without writing. But it’s time to fill the well. To write down snippets of life as they happen. To ruminate on future projects. Another book? To head back to my writers group and challenge myself. With a different style of writing maybe. Fiction? Who knows? A future me has the answers. Maybe me in 2018. Look for me. I’ll let you know what happened. Happy New Year.