Several people have suggested to me that I post pictures of my new place. Since I have been preoccupied with decorating and not writing for awhile now – I’m going to go with that. I’m keeping it simple. Perhaps next week I’ll get back to the business of writing a proper post.

130519_0002 The headless moose greets visitors at the front door. This tragedy occurred sometime during the move. The responsible party has not come forward. The head was located days later and the moose awaits reconstructive surgery.130519_0014

My art looks much better here and I have more wall space. ┬áThe painting on the right, done by a friend of mine, Lora Davis-Henningsen, hung at my mom’s and was blocked by some furniture. Here, it gets the attention it deserves.130519_0013

The kitchen is a work in progress. As you can see, I can’t wheel under the sink so it’s not exactly handicap accessible, but it suits me just fine for now.130519_0019

Judging from reactions, the bathroom seems to be the piece de resistance. I transfer using a pole, not the typical grab bars, or else with my ataxia, I’d be banging my head against the wall. The pole at my old place had a medical look to it. This one is pure stripper pole. The contractors asked me if I’d be dancing around in there. I responded with, “Kind of, but nothing you’d want to watch.”130519_0020

And let’s not forget what really makes a house a home.130514_0011