europe2europeOne of my great passions has always been travel. I love exploring new cities, different food and foreign cultures. When I was 27, I toured Europe solo – by bicycle! I had a few reservations about it at the time (maybe I should wait till I have more money/someone to go with me/insert excuse here.) But you better believe I think back on that trip and am grateful I went when I did. Life is short. You never know what’s around the bend of your particular road.

Since I became disabled, I’ve taken several trips inside the United States: Seattle, Boston, Colorado and the Blue Ridge mountains.

But I thought my days of traveling internationally, particularly by myself, were over. I comforted myself with memories of the past and believed I’d never again traverse the globe on solo adventures. Never say never.

2-CopyIn 2014, I traveled to Mexico. I spent one week with friends and three weeks on my own. And I returned for a month in 2015. Things require much more planning, of course. But if it’s a dream of yours – find a way to make it happen.